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Wanted! 4th Python+Django Web Developer to a growing team

Big Dig Data s.r.o.

Informace o pracovním místě

  • Místo práce: Hlavní město Praha, Praha, Česko
  • Základní složka mzdy (brutto) a další odměny: 80 000 - 100 000 Kč/měsíc
  • Druh pracovního poměru: plný úvazek, zkrácený úvazek

Náplň práce, pravomoci a zodpovědnosti

You know how it goes … preparing several projects for two years and all of a sudden they happen to get a green light all at once. That’s exactly where we currently are with BIG DIG DATA. In other words, we know quite exactly what we will be working on the next 3 – 5 years. And we know very well that we need more arms (… brains, to be precise).

So how many web developers do we have?

3 and a half. Béda, Štěpán and Míla do all the heavy lifting – aka programming and web development, occassionally we hire an external coder or programmer for smaller projects. We are hoping that you will be the 4th. I take care of business development and run the company together with another colleague of mine.

That’s it, there’s noone else. So far.

What do we work on?

Our most beloved babies are two SaaS tools for analysis and visualisation of data for academic and public libraries. CELUS ( and PYTHIA (

We started with CELUS and PYTHIA two years ago and we were able to catch up (and even beat, in certain aspects) with the competition that is developing similar tools for 5 – 10 years now.

CELUS is now being used on three continents and becoming popular among the librarian community around the world.

Our mission

We focus mainly on two areas where we see a great potential to contibute to the world’s knowledge.

  • IT tools for smart acquisition of information sources for libraries: Libraries around the globe provide students, academics and general public with fantastic services and enormous volume of information. To help the libraries to further enhance their services and target the information they provide to their readers, we are developing powerful tools allowing data-driven smart acquisition of information sources – books, e-books and e-journals, databases as well as other stuff you can find in a library. Here we are processing quite a lot of data, we play with their visualisation, processing, interpretation and overall „humanising“. We intend to employ also machine learning in future.
Automation of literature searches and systematic reviews. We are just starting with this area. But thanks to numerous years of experience with literature searches, patent searches and systematic reviews, we have some jump start. And we know very well that automation of literature searches and systematic reviews will be a great booster for further research and development. We know that thanks to the projects we carried out for leading European authorities such as EFSA, JRC, or ECHA. And all these can see it clearly – it is vital to automate expert reviews within the next 5 – 10 years. We want to be pioneers in this field and we are hoping that you can help us with that. Most recently, we just won a 4-year framework contract for EFSA, where we are part of a consortium with some of the leading organisations in the field, e.g. University of London, Charité, University of Edinburgh or TenWise.

It’s quite clear that here it is a lot about text processing, natural language processing and processing of unstructured data and machine learning and and artificial intelligence will be needed. It is not necessary that you have experience in these fields, our priority is still developing useful tools for libraries, but if you are interested in this field, we definitely have something to work on.

What can you expect?

It should be pretty obvious since you have read all the way up to here. We will be happy to give you any further details on individual projects and how you can contribute. We will make sure that during the video-interview all your questions will get answered.

Should you apply for the job?

Absolutely! If you have experience with the technologies that we use, go for it. Which ones are these?

We use Django + Django REST Framework on the backend, Postgres as the database and the frontend is built on Django and lately also Vue + Vuetify. The projects are hosted in GitLab, using their CI for testing and building. We deploy the apps via Ansible and monitor them through Nagios + Prometheus and Grafana.

You don’t need to be a grandmaster in all these technologies, but you‘ll definitely need to have extensive experience with Django. Really advanced. Advanced experience with Javasript and preferably Vue will definitely help too. Any experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence is a great asset as well.

We will be absolutely open, as we always are. We are not looking for a junior profile as we need someone with a solid background in technologies that we use.

What you can expect from our side

  • Maximum support and open approach from all colleagues – we are used to supporting and helping each other
  • Zero corporate bullsh*t. There is only a few of us, so why implementing complex and robust processes? We simply do our best to programme great tools. Without much stress and unnecessary administrative work around that.
  • Unlimited home office. Since our office is in Prague, Czech Republic, we don’t expect that you would be coming here on regular basis, you can work from any location you like. Even our colleagues from Prague have unlimited home office, so we are used to remote work.
  • Absolute freedom regarding working hours – it is up to each of us to choose when the best time for work is. Simply, we let everyone to arrange his own work-life balance as he/she finds best. Which brings me to ...
  • Unlimited holiday. Naturally, we expect that you will work. Work hard and give it your best. We all do. But what it means is completely up to you. If you want five, six, seven, eight or more weeks of holiday per year, it’s your call. You know the best how to ensure to be efficient and give it your best.
  • Interesting projects to work on (CELUS, PYTHIA, AI (automation of literature searches and systematic reviews))
  • Long-term collaboration – we have projects (and finances) secured for several years, which gives a good deal of flexibility. And especially, we have no killing deadlines. Simply, no stress.
  • Boundless space for creativity and own inventions and ideas – any idea is most welcome in Big Dig Data. Everyone can pursue his/her own. Otherwise, how on Earth could we possibly come up with such an unorthodox name of the company?


80.000 - 100.000 CZK / month for full-time engagement, depending on your experience and skills. We can consider also part-time collaboration if you prefer.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, Tomáš & co.

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